The soul of food and travel writing


Love in the Time of Collards is a soulful exploration of food, travel, and culture in Mexico and beyond.

My name is Kerra Bolton. I started this blog because I believe food and travel writing can be so much more than listicles of the “Top 7 Best Places in the World to Eat a Hot Dog” or “How I Became an Atheist in Cambodia”.

Stories to Nourish the Soul

Now, more than ever, we need stories that nourish us. We need stories that remind us of our shared humanity while honoring the richness of our differences. Think of Love in the Time of Collards as a lush, banquet of stories, conversations, and adventures.

Men are unreliable; restaurants are constant. And that’s why I frequent and write about them. “Restaurants I Date” are a series of reviews of my favorite places to eat and what makes them special.

“100 Food Conversations” are interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, and foodies. These conversations seek to connect me with others by asking deep questions about their food memories. I want to know, for example, the first time they made peanut stew with their grandmother or a dish that was so good, it made them weep.

“Soul Stories” are narratives in which food or travel nourished my understanding of landscape, culture, and people. And sometimes I am just writing about my romantic adventures. For example, I have this thing with dating men connected to sushi places.

Work With Me

I am a writer, entrepreneur, and visual artist living in the Mexican Caribbean. My work has been featured on CNN, Shondaland, New Worlder, and Sweatpants & Coffee.

In my former life, I was a strategic communications consultant, political operative, and a journalist with experience in print, television, and radio. This means I am a versatile storyteller and approach narratives with research, accuracy, passion, and integrity.

I’m interested in helping restaurants, hotels, and destinations craft and produce stories that connect their mission with the clients they seek to serve and the unforgettable experiences they wish to create.

Please drop me a line and let’s talk about creating content magic — whether it’s blog posts, articles, copywriting, video, or podcast projects. I look forward to hearing from you.